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CFUD 100

... because we're not crazy enough yet, REALLY!

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If there's a CFUD canon, there needs to be cfud_100. It's a fact of life. Also, IRC enables me. And number1idol. I think we all need to be euthanized.

What in the hell...?

Yes. And also: drabbles. 100 words. About anything so long as it's CFUD-related. Whenever. Whatever. If it's over or under 100 words we will shoot you in the kneecaps won't care.


In addition to being able to post whatever the hell you want, we'll also have weekly challenges. Words, phrases, time limits, character limits, songs... it's up to the person issuing the challenge.

The first challenge will be set by me. (At least) a week from the first challenge, I will decide on my "favourite" drabble in answer to my challenge, and that drabble's author will set the next challenge IMMEDIATELY when convenient. The pattern repeats ad nauseam. So on, and so forth.

So... do I have to post challenge entries?

Of course not! If you have another random drabble, go for it. But it'd be really fun to have people participating in the challenges, obviously.

Is there a specific format...?

If you're issuing a challenge, PLEASE have the subject line be simply "Challenge #"

If you're answering a challenge, PLEASE have the subject line be "Challenge #: Your Title"

If you're posting a non-challenge drabble, PLEASE have the subject line indicate so. :)

Otherwise, the standard format of each entry should probably be something like:

Challenge: (Number and what the challenge is!)
Word Count:

And maybe any warnings if necessary, and then an LJ-cut with a short summary and/or the first line or something okay, okay!

What else should one keep in mind?

DO NOT post your drabbles as comments in the challenge post. We love the drabbles! Give them their own post. (Easier to archive that way!)

A tomato is a fruit. And it's toe-MAY-toe.

This really doesn't make sense...

It's 2AM and I'm on crack. Your point?

If you have any suggestions or want to yell at me for anything... the first post will be open for that, always. Etc, etc, have a balloon!


(PS: The interests? Were not all my idea!)
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