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Title:[non-challenge] Naked Author: luvernfighter Word…

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Title:[non-challenge] Naked
Author: luvernfighter
Word Count:100
Characters: Kio, Soubi, Natsuo, Youji
Rating:PG13 for Nudity
Warning/Disclaimers: People mentioned...please don't get mad. :D

"Gooood Morning, Soubi!"


"Yes, my dear?"

"Why the hell are you in my bed? Am I naked?!"

"Well, that's because Natsuo and Youji told me-"

A grinning pair of faces peeked up from the side of the large bed. One of the catboys was holding what was quite obviously an over sized shirt.

“Is that my shirt?”

Natsuo nodded enthusiastically.

“Mandatory Naked Day is coming soon! We thought you should get some practice!”

Kio bumped his head against Soubi’s shoulder, nearly purring.

“And being your thoughtful wife, I’m here to keep you warm in bed Soubi!”

“Get. Off. Now.

* * *